Ai Studio 6.5 for Nikon LS50 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Ai Studio 6.5 for Nikon LS50  Free Download screenshot

The new functions of SilverFast Ai Studio offer an even higher degree of efficiency for image optimization.

Auto-Frame - One Click - and all images of your prescan are framed.

ColorServer - A new way of batch processing

Multi-Exposure - Use your hardware's full potential!

Ai-HDR Gamma Optimization - Adopt gamma settings

PDF Export - From scan to PDF

Auto Adjust - 1 click optimization for the current image

GANE - Removes such detected faults from the image.

AACO - Enhances image information in high contrast images without affecting the overall brightness.

MidPip4 - Helps to remove even the faintest color casts, by neutralizing the mid tones.

JobManager - Productivity tool for optimizing batch images individually.

HiRePP - open a 2GB file in seconds, allows optimization of large image fi les in real-time

NegaFix - Allows the allocation and generation of film profiles for negatives. Minimize automatically slight color casts without NegaFix profiles.

PhotoProof - Allows color true printing without the need of a RIP.

SC2G - Allows distinguishing different contrast levels when converting colored images into grayscale images.

Clone Tool - Simple Tool for cloning of pixles.

ISRD - The infrared channel is used to display the detected defects of the image on the screen where the SRD function takes over to correct these defects.

SRD - Highly adjustable tool for recognition and removal of scratches or unwanted particles on the image.

USM / USM Plus - Sharpening tool with preview of the fi nal sharpening effect!

VLT - An image browser that appears like a professional light table.

Descreening - Automatic tool for scanning of previously printed images to avoid Moire effects.

IT8-Target - A color chart used to calibrate different input devices e.g. scanners, cameras, etc.

SoftProof - A simulation of the printable color space to display a preview of the final, printed colors.

PrinTao - Innovative, color managed print helper (implemented function).

System Requirements:

Ai Studio 6.5 for Nikon LS50  Free Download screenshot